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Community  Outreach

Division head: Isha Ratani, Secretary

Why was this division created?

This division was created to provide members with recurring and monthly volunteering events that they can attend to get community service hours while helping out in the local community. Members and nonmembers may attend any of our charity events. Volunteering for our events is open and encouraged for everyone so that we can better support nonprofits.

How can members and nonmembers take advantage of this division?


USF PAMSA will be supporting Feeding Tampa Bay for the 2020-2021 year.

This division is open to all members and nonmembers of USF PAMSA. Members will be able to sign up for a variety of volunteering events offered throughout the week on different days and at different times.  In addition, there will be monthly events, such as walks, that members and nonmembers can sign up to volunteer at while gaining community service hours to build their medical school applications. The purpose of the COR division is also a way for PAMSA to support nonprofits leaving a positive impact on the community. The work this division does directly supports those in need.

Feeding Tampa Bay is an organization with a mission to change lives one meal at a time by leading our community in the fight against hunger. Their goal is to fight the hunger that hundreds of thousands of food-insecure families in the 10-county area of West Central Florida experience. They fight not just through providing food, but with knowledge of the issue as well. 

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