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Medical School Prep

Division head: Nafisa Uddin, President

Why was this division created?

This division revolves around introducing pre-medical students to certain aspects of medical school as well as helping prepare students for the actual medical school application. This division is also in charge of organizing and supervising the Medical School Forum, PAMSA’s largest event of the year. This event consists of many different opportunities for pre-medical students to learn about their upcoming career, prospective post-baccalaureate programs, and much more. 

How can members and nonmembers take advantage of this division?

This division features “Member Exclusive” perks, which will involve being able to come along on Medical School Tours, get matched with a Medical Student Mentor, and experience up close medical training. All members and nonmembers will be able to attend our workshops and the Medical School Forum so they can learn about medical school, including how to attend, what is learned there, and why it is important. 

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