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  • The Physician Shadowing division of PAMSA is responsible for matching potential members interested in shadowing physicians. We work our best to match you with your preferred and desired specialty. This year, we will have a weekly email system to update our members regularly of current happenings, their application status, or to address any other concerns they may have. Interested undergraduates fill out an application and are then selected for an interview process. After clearing the interview, they will be matched and can start their observership. Undergraduates who wish to be matched with a physician must:

    • Be a member of PAMSA and have paid their dues.

    • Must have at least 5 participation points.

    • Must attend at least one of the two Physician Shadowing workshops held.

    • Must be competitive and professional undergraduates.


    • These workshops will cover a detailed powerpoint, reiterating the process of how we plan to select potential observers. It will introduce members to professional code of conduct and attitude when present in a healthcare setting. It will also highlight our new 3 Strikes Policy. Members who get matched will be added on a group chat for a more interactive experience. Applications will be directly sent out only to the members who attend the workshop and will be due 2 weeks after. The due date will be highlighted on the application.


    • Physician Shadowing Showcase - TBD

      • This will be a social event where the matched members, who shadowed the physicians for the semester, will come and speak about their experiences. It will serve as a platform for interactive exchange of information where undergraduates will have a chance to learn about different specialties in medicine. Members will be able to meet and share stories with other members placed in the program. This will also help our members be more confident public speakers. Matched members are also welcome to invite their physicians to this event. Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend. Food and drinks will be provided.


If you have any questions or concerns, or if you are a physician interested in having observers, please contact us at


Do I have to be a PAMSA member to participate?

Yes, you must pay your dues before completing the physician shadowing application that will be released towards the end of the semester.


Where will the workshops take place?

Workshops will be done in LIB 210 (O.U.R. Office) at 5:00 PM!

What is the point system?

Each time you participate in PAMSA’s events, such as volunteering at a bake sale or attending a general body meeting, the member will receive a point. If you would like to know how many points you currently have, please contact us at


Do I need to have a certain amount of points to participate in the shadowing program?

Yes, in the application process, priority will be given to members who have collected the most points. A minimum of 10 points from both Fall 2018 and Spring 2019  is required to apply!

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