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What is MSF?

The 21th Annual Medical School Forum is hosted by USF's Pre-AMSA. During the event, attendees will have the unique opportunity to interact with admissions representatives from medical programs from all across the country and the Caribbean to gain perspective in what they are looking for in their applicants. Attendees will also get the chance to submit questions to a medical student panel about their lives and experiences. This year we will be having afternoon sessions containing seminars, workshops, and panels.

We will be having one keynote speaker per day! These speakers consist of physicians top in their field.


Benefits of attending?

If you attend both weekends, you will get an opportunity to meet the MD & DO School Representatives.

Insight into physicians who are top in their profession.

Opportunity to hear more about the medical school process and application.

Insight into what it is like to be a medical student and ask them questions!

Insight into what it is like to be a physician and ask them questions!

Learn about the difference between MD vs. DO.

Learn from Upperclassmen (Juniors, Seniors) studying for the MCAT  and applying to schools.

Learn about how to get involved in the research.

Learn about handling finances for applications.

Insight into managing your mental health.

Medical Schools-Participants this year:

Wake Forest School of Medicine

Midwest University

USF Morsani College of Medicine

AT Still University


University of the Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic Medicine


Washington University School of Medicine

Kansas City University

West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine

Chicago Medical School

Burnett School of Medicine at TCU

Florida State University

Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine


University of Florida

University of Central Florida

University of Vermont Larner School of Medicine

University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

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