Meet our 2020-2021 Executive Board

President: Brooke Fasano

​Hello everyone! My name is Brooke. I am a Cellular and Molecular Biology major with a minor in Deaf Studies and Communications hoping to become a pediatrician one day. I love all things Disney and even named my two cats after Disney cats! A few of my favorite ways to relax and relieve stress is through painting and reading. I have canvases on top of canvases stacked up at the home of all different kinds of scenes and landscapes. A lot of paintings are inspired by scenes in the books that I read that I want to bring to life. Both painting and reading are forms of art that can help take you away to a different place, even for just a few hours. 

​Office Hours: Mondays, 2-4 PM

Major/Minor: Cellular and Molecular Biology/Deaf Studies and Communications

Divisions: Medical School Prep and Events Divisions

Career Goals: After undergrad, continue on to medical school, where I will hopefully train to become a pediatrician.

Vice President: Caroline Dunham


​Hi! My name is Caroline and I am a fourth-year Biomedical Sciences major with minors in Psychology and Biomedical Anthropology. I love cats, Chick-fil-A, and taking naps. I wanted to become a physician after becoming an EMT and loved the fast-paced, hands-on excitement of Emergency Medicine. I hope to join the service upon graduation and be deployed overseas where I will work as an Emergency Medicine physician in active combat zones. 

​Office Hours: Monday 10 AM-12 PM

Major/Minor: Major in Biomedical Sciences minors in Psychology and Biomedical Anthropology

Divisions: Membership and Career Prep

Career Goals: To pursue a career in military medicine and work as an Emergency Medicine physician in a shock trauma unit.

Secretary: Anjali Thacker

Anjali Thacker.jpg

Hi Guys! I am a third-year majoring in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Nutrition. Outside of academics, I enjoy being active through swimming and tennis. Growing up I have fostered a deep love for dance, specifically Garba (a Gujarati folk dance). Being a foodie, I not only enjoy eating spicy food, but I also enjoy baking cakes from scratch and trying my hand at new recipes. My favorite hobby though is watching Bollywood and Gujarati movies. Since my days of playing operation and pretending to be a doctor to stuffed toys, I have always continued to fuel my passion. My love for kids has shaped my desire to be a pediatrician or neonatologist. After volunteering for two weeks at a trust hospital in an underserved village in India, I began to understand medicine in a different light outside of its practicalities. Medicine has become a celebration of the little joys for me, whether it be crying tears of joy at the birth of a baby or listening to the stories of the patients I interact with. I hope to be able to continue celebrating the little joys with my patients while practicing medicine in the future.

​Office Hours: TBD

Major/Minor: Biomedical Sciences; Minor in Nutrition

Divisions: Tutoring and Community Outreach

Career Goals: After undergrad, continue on to medical school to hopefully become a pediatrician and maybe subspecialize in neonatology.

Treasurer: Shivam Patel

Shivam Patel.jpg

Hi everyone, my name is Shivam Patel and I will be a junior this year. I am majoring in psychology with a minor in chemistry. In my free time, I enjoy running and learning new things. I want to pursue medicine because I find it to be very interesting and believe it is the best way for me to leave a positive impact. Having the opportunity to go to a state university and the chance to go to medical school is not a door that a lot of people have available to open. I want to use this opportunity to help those who are in unfortunate circumstances.

​Office Hours: TBD

Major/Minor: Psychology; Minor in Chemistry

Divisions: Charity and Medical School Forum

Career Goals: Attend medical school and become a physician.

Webmaster: Divya Kaushal

Hi everyone! I am a junior, public health major, and a chemistry minor. Since I was 5 years old, I knew that I wanted to be a physician, particularly an Ophthalmologist/Retina Surgeon, just like my father. I love playing tennis, baking, and going to Target just for fun. When I am not being a student, I am playing with my two Coton de tulears or watching endless amounts of Bollywood movies. Growing up in a family of doctors, I have been interested in medicine because there is no greater joy than helping a patient. From working in an ophthalmology clinic and volunteering in hospitals, I have seen so much happiness in patients when they come in with a problem and leave with a solution. I hope to be able to give that happiness in society and make an impact on the science and medical world.

​Office Hours: Thursdays, 3-5 PM

Major/Minor: Public Health; Minor in chemistry

Divisions: Public Relations and Medical School Forum

Career Goals: After undergrad, complete my MPH, concentration in Nutrition, and become an Ophthalmologist/Retina Surgeon.

Alumni Advisor: Aayat Sabah

Hi I’m Aayat. I’m Iraqi-Turkish living in Tampa, FL. I majored in Biomedical Sciences and Public Health. I’m fluent in Arabic and English. I’m interested in medicine because it is all about problem solving, compassion and courage. It allows you to bring patients comfort and enables you to have long term relationships with them. Medicine is the most beautiful form of art and I would like to someday become part of something even bigger and put a smile on people’s faces.

​Office Hours: TBD

Major/Minor: Biomedical Sciences and Public Health

Divisions: HR

Career Goals: Pursue a career in medicine.