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Division head: Isha Ratani, Vice President

Why was this division created?

The goal of membership is to guide USF students in all things PAMSA. These officers are the face of PAMSA and know everything about the organization including division breakdowns, upcoming events, and benefits of membership. They are available to answer all questions and interests you have in the organization and make sure PAMSA is right for you.

How can members and nonmembers take advantage of this division?

They are available to answer all questions pertaining to the organization from brand new USF students who are unfamiliar with the organization to members wanting to further their involvement in the organization. They are available via email, at General Body meetings, Bull Market, various table fairs, and office hours to help you get the most out of PAMSA.

There is a membership fee of $100.00 for new members and $75.00 for renewing members.

Of the new membership fee, $75.00 submitted for national membership while the remaining $25.00 is allocated for USF chapter fees.

  • It is a rolling membership through five years, so if you joined in your freshman year it would keep you a member for 4 years.  You will be a member of the National AMSA organization, not just our chapter, so it will carry over if you leave to go to medical school or another university.

  • Your membership also provides you with:

    • Countless volunteering and leadership opportunities 

    • A chance to meet national medical school representatives at our annual medical school forum

    • Hear first hand from speakers at our meetings like physicians and medical school students

    • You will meet new friends to share your journey with

    • New membership t-shirts every semester

    • A shiny new addition to your resume.

 Still not convinced? Attend one of our general body meetings!

  • Meetings are held every two weeks on Mondays unless otherwise noted. 

  • You do not need to be a member to attend our meetings, You will need to be a member to have access to many of the discounts and some of the programs we offer, such as medical student mentorship.

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