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Frequently Asked Questions

Why join USF PAMSA?

How much are the dues?

PAMSA is an organization created to aid premeds in their journey to medical school. We have broken down the medical school application and offer everything you could need to get into medical school from tutoring to physician shadowing to volunteer opportunities. We are the largest premed organization at USF with a strong support system of other students aiding each other in obtaining our goals. To get further details on everything PAMSA offers check out our 8 divisions and to hear about benefits of membership check out our membership page.

A new member fee is $100 for 4 years of membership. This transfers to an AMSA membership if you were to attend medical school within those four years. A transfer member fee (if you have already paid your $75 AMSA fee through another PAMSA chapter) is $25.

What are the benefits of a paid membership at the USF chapter and nationally?

Check out the Membership page!

When and where are office hours held?

How do I sign up?

Office Hours are held Monday through Friday weekly from 8 AM to 5 PM. You can visit us in our office space which is located in the Marshall Student Center on the 3rd floor of the Student Life Tower in Room 3308 cubicle #13.

What is the point system?

The point system is a way for members and non-members to receive points for the time they dedicate to PAMSA. By coming out to General Body Meetings, bake sales, and other events hosted by PAMSA students can earn one point for each hour spent (General Body Meetings are only one point for attendance). For all students, members or not, this is a great way to keep track of your hours for your medical school applications. For paid members, we offer a special perk. The member with the most points at the end of the year will receive a $2500 Kaplan course.

Anyone can attend unpaid member events to see what the organization is about. If you choose to become a member you can fill out our membership application and pay the $100 dollar 4 year membership fee. Membership applications are located on our website, available in our office, and with our membership officers at GBM’s and Bullmarket. To pay your fee and turn in the application you can attend office hours located on our website (note only certain officers can accept cash), or turn it into our membership officers at GBM’s or Bullmarket.

How do I receive points?

Check out the point system page.

How can I check how many points I have?

Email us at, subject "Name", Points.

Who do I contact if  I have questions?

Where can I see events?

Check out the calendar page.


For more information about events, please email with the subject line “Events”.

Any questions you have can be directed to the official USF Pre-Med AMSA email, which is:

How do I get updates from USF PAMSA on upcoming events and promotions?

I have a suggestion for improving PAMSA or for events that PAMSA can host. Who do I contact?

You can provide feedback and suggestions on events in the Suggestion box on our website: The Suggestion box is located under the About Us section.

If you are interested in receiving weekly updates about USF PAMSA, please join as a member on our BullSync page and add us on social media:

Instagram: @usfpamsa

Facebook: /USF Pre-med AMSA

Apple Store/Android Play store: USF PAMSA

Our website is, be sure to bookmark it!

If you have additional questions, please email:

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