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Do I have to stay the entire time?

Not necessarily, though you will not only be getting the most out of your dollar (no discounts for half-day) but the most out of your time and experience if you stay for the entirety of the event. We suggest showing up early to eat and mingle (as well as ensure registrations went through properly) and stay until the end to benefit form the free MCAT course raffle 4:00pm. 

Do I have to go to USF/be a PAMSA member?

Absolutely not! Everyone of all ages is welcome, just register for the event and fill out your info! 

I registered, where is my ticket?!

You should receive an email copy of your receipt and if anything, that will serve as your proof of purchase. The day of the event, please show up early with your ID so we can check our system (which you were automatically entered into after registering) and give you everything you need to be prepared for the event. 

Do I need to bring anything/can I bring a bag?

You will be provided will a bag full of handy supplies like brochures for the event, pens, a notepad, and more which can serve as your tote for the day to put all of your informational pamphlets in. You are welcome to bring a small bag for your personal needs to the event as well.

What schools are attending the event?

The list will be updated as time goes on so be sure to check back frequently!

What should I wear?

The attire is business professional. 

Dress to impress; wear the clothing you would wear on a job interview in your prospective field. This is the first time a lot of these admissions representatives are going to be seeing your face, so leave a good first impression. We have included a few examples below so you can get a good general idea. These examples do not have to be followed exactly (like ladies you do not have to wear heels), but appropriate shoes should be worn (closed toed preferred).

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